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Your BuyaGift/Red Letter Day Voucher is valid for

up to 2 passengers and has a credit value of £30.00

If you would like to upgrade your tour for a weekend,

add extra passengers or to our extended Grantchester tour, 

you can pay the following to upgrade  


Weekend Upgrade

2 Passengers in total £20.00

This can be paid on the day of your tour to your driver.

City Tour Upgrade

Add 1 extra passenger (3 Passengers in total) £30.00

Add 2 extra passengers (4 Passengers in total) £40.00

Add 3 extra passengers (5 Passengers in total) £50.00

Add 4 extra passengers *at least 1 child must be included* (6 Passengers in total) £60.00

Add 5 extra passengers *at least 2 children must be included* (7 Passengers in total) £70.00


Please let us know how many extra passengers

you require by replying to your booking confirmation email

and we will then send you a payment link.

Grantchester Tour Upgrade

2 Passengers in total £70.00

Add 1 extra passenger (3 Passengers in total) £90.00

Add 2 extra passengers (4 Passengers in total) £110.00

Add 3 extra passengers (5 Passengers in total) £130.00

Add 4 extra passengers *at least 1 child must be included* (6 Passengers in total) £150.00

Add 5 extra passengers *at least 2 children must be included* (7 Passengers in total) £170.00

If you would like to upgrade to our Grantchester tour,

Please contact us us first to make sure we have availability. 

Once we have confirmed we have availability and you have submitted your booking request,

we will then send you a payment link.

*All upgrade prices include weekend tours*

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