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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do your vehicles have enough room to carry prams, buggies or wheelchairs ?

We are afraid that they do not, but our friends at Giles & Co on Trinity Street, have kindly said that our customers can leave any of the above at their shop for free !

(they also sell some of the best Cambridge University souvenirs).

2. Can we bring our pet dog along ?

We welcome well behaved small dogs (Jack Russell/Shitzu size) as long as they sit on our vehicles floor area or on your lap (not the seats) and the owners accept our terms & conditions regarding soiling charges incase of any accidents.

3. Do children require car seats ?

As all of our vehicles are fully licensed private hire vehicles, UK law states that as long as a child is big enough to support their own body weight, then a normal seat belt is sufficient. All babies do require a child seat which is the responsibility of an adult passenger to supply & install.

Children/Babies are not allowed to sit on anyones laps, as it is against the law and our licence conditions.

4. If our group consists of three adults and one baby/child, would we have to pay for the baby/child ?

Every person regardless of age is classed as a passenger, so yes, as there would be four passengers you would book a 4 Person Tour.

5. Can we bring food and drink/alcohol on our tour ?

Due to customer comfort and our cleanliness standards,

we are afraid that food and drink/alcohol is not allowed at any time.

6. I have a BuyaGift/Red Letter Days voucher,

but when I try to book my tour through your website, it then asks me to confirm the booking & pay ?

If you would like to redeem a BuyaGift/Red Letter Days voucher, you need to click "Book Online" and then click on the "BuyaGift/Red Letter Days Tour option" (not the 1-2 Person Tour option).

Then click on "Request to Book" and once you have chosen

your preferred date/time click the "Proceed"  tab. 

Enter your details (including your full BuyaGift/Red Letter Days voucher number/code), 

and then finally click the "Request to Book"  tab.

You will then receive an email from us to acknowledge your booking request.

Once we have validated your voucher code, you will then receive a booking confirmation email.

7. I've submitted a BuyaGift/Red Letter Days Booking request 

but I then received an email to say it had been declined, Why is this  ?

 You either didn't enter your BuyaGift/Red Letter Days voucher code correctly

or your BuyaGift/Red Letter Days voucher code was invalid.


For our full T's & C's regarding BuyaGift/Red Letter Days Tours, please click here.

8. If the date we require isn't available on your website, are you definitely fully booked for that day ?

We do sometimes remove days from our booking calendar if the weather is forecast to be very bad, or if we have been booked for a private event.

If you find that the date/time you wanted is not available, we would always recommend to contact us to see if we do have availability.

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