Explore the beautiful university town of Cambridge whilst being privately chauffeur-driven in one of our award winning electric Model Ts. Our vehicles are replicas of the famous 1910 Model T Ford, with the exception that ours are electric and also have an extra row of seats, yet the attention to detail is so accurate they have been mistaken for the original by numerous car enthusiasts.

Our tour begins in the heart of the city and then proceeds on a journey for you to discover many of Cambridge's historic colleges and breathtaking sights.

As our vehicles never exceed 20mph and create no engine noise, you'll be able to blissfully take in and see for yourself why Cambridge is the charming picturesque place that so many people love to visit. 

Your driver will show you all of our tours' points of interest, as well as also sharing some interesting tales that you probably won't find in guide books.

We can either meet and greet you at our recommended collection point on Bridge Street (outside the Galleria Restaurant) near the punt operators, or you can request where you would like to be collected from within our tour route for extra convenience. 

Just let us know if you are near to a particular shop, restaurant or central hotel (or by one of our tours points of interest as shown on our map), and we'll come and collect you.

If a tour of the city isn't enough and you really want to spoil yourself, we also have a new extended route which includes everything in our usual tour, as well as a trip to the tranquil village of Grantchester.

Listed in the 1086 Doomsday Book and said to have the world's highest concentration of Nobel Prize winners, this newly popular tourist destination was once also home to both the accomplished poet Rupert Brooke and Pink Floyd band member David Gilmour.

More recently it is where the hit ITV show "Grantchester" is mainly filmed and during the tour, you'll get to see where the likes of actors James Norton, Robson Green and Tom Brittney (just to name a few), take part in the popular TV detective drama set in the 1950's. 

You'll get a chance to take some photo's of the show's buildings and if you're really lucky, may even catch a glimpse of some of the villages current famous residents.

Our Model Ts can seat up to seven passengers (five adults plus two children) so are ideal for small groups,

families or special occasion parties.

As our vehicles are fully electric they are without doubt, much kinder to the environment than any other type of vehicle offering a similar service. 

Therefore when you ride with us you can sit back, enjoy the sights and relax knowing you've done your bit to help the planet.

Cambridge Vintage Tours are very proud to be the only company in the UK to exclusively offer these amazing vehicles for customers to enjoy, as well as also being Cambridge's first and only official, fully licensed electric tour service

We are also humbled and honoured to have recently won "Historic Tour Operator of the year" for central England, and we hope to continue with more achievements in the future.

Our tour of the city lasts approximately 25 minutes, and our new extended route with a trip to Grantchester lasts approximately 50 minutes.

We shall look forward to meeting you for an experience you'll never forget.





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